Yacht type: Bavaria Sport | length 8 meters | assignment: Rebranding

high-gloss polished stainless steel letters

We provided this Bavaria Sport on location with high-gloss polished stainless steel letters, quality 316.

With this yacht we first removed the old boat letters and the lettering glue and mounting, then the gel coating was polished and then the new stainless steel letters were mounted using a mounting template.

The letters have a thickness of 3 mm. and are completely hand polished including the thickness of the edges. This gives the letters an even more beautiful appearance.

Assembly on location

Assembly was carried out on location at the request of the customer. The yacht was in port Porto Senso Altea Spain (Costa Blanca)

Because we carry out several activities in the field of boat lettering, we can therefore keep costs low.

A great job, and performed with excellent care by Donny Le Belle.


Whether it is an LED signage or a fiber optic signage, our lettering and lighting systems for yachts are designed and developed to survive in the marine environment. Our yacht LED signage has ‘energy saving’ and ‘ease of installation’ qualities, while our fiber optic system is very safe and does not emit any external electricity or heat.

Our systems are compatible with 12 V DC and 24 V DC, with European and American mains power supplies. All our enlightened ship lettering boards come standard with a thick acrylic protective layer where the relevant light source resides. This acrylic backing can be ‘Flush’, ‘Beveled’ or ‘Inset’. Backings can also be thickened to suit your aesthetic requirements.


Our (Male / female) external mounting system ensures that too outside lettering on the outside of the yacht can be fitted without access to the interior.

Of course, we can supply any mounting method you are familiar with, whether you want to use cable glands, bushings, pins and threaded pins.

If desired, we also have the option of designing the backs so that they are perfectly match the curvature of the superstructureof the yacht.


Our in-house metal polishing and stainless steel polishing service in Loosdrecht is suitable for the high-end maritime, nautical, architectural, aviation and automotive industries.

It is fully equipped with state-of-the-art LED lighting that gives our highly skilled metal polishing staff a superior view of the job they need to do, so they can inspect and pick out any surface defects while polishing.


  • Mirror polished ship parts and fixings.
  • Polished & Brushed Satin Aviation decor and emblems.
  • Mirror polished architectural signage and lettering, handles and fixings.
  • Mirror polished stainless steel yacht boards & renovations

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