Due to the high demand from our customers whether we also sell LED lighting, we have decided to include this product group in our delivery program from the beginning of 2021. We are often asked to do so during the assembly of our illuminated boat letters. We will supply a wide range of underwater lighting, inboard lighting, staircase lighting and dockside lighting.

This including accessories such as controllers, cabling, power supplies and DMX 512
We also take care of the installation and connection of the LED lighting components.

All LED lighting components will be displayed on our new Patrick de Letter Yacht Lighting page.


Discover the World of Lighting your Yacht

We have been involved in boat lettering for years. In the first place with the stickers of small boats with name, registration numbers and berth. From there, the question arose from our customers whether we also make illuminated letters.

We have been doing this for quite some time on many buildings (business premises). So we already had all the technology and experience in-house. The first assignments presented themselves. We knew from the outset that the illuminated boat letters are certainly continuously exposed to moisture. We have therefore carefully tackled our expertise in this area. Ensuring that the LEDs in the letters are not exposed to moisture is a profession in itself. Each letter is therefore sealed all around with great care to keep out moisture. When mounting it must also be taken into account what kind of ship it will be mounted on. It is important here that if the letters are mounted on a steel wall of the ship (yacht), the bolts and passageways of the wiring are carefully sealed.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we have now started focusing on (LED) lighting on the ship and underwater lighting. It is just that addition to beautifully illuminate your boat or yacht.

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