We have provided this yacht, a Mulder 36, with high-gloss polished stainless steel letters.
We performed the work at Mulder Shipyards in Zoeterwoude.


The design of Calypso is by Claydon Reeves with naval architecture by Van Oossanen. Thanks to the Fast Displacement Hull Form (FDHF) we cruise silently and thanks to the twin 847 kW engines we are assured of a maximum speed of 16.8 knots. I say ‘we’ because the photographer will also be joining us on this latest example of sailing comfort. Thanks to the slender hull and long waterline, the Calypso’s seaworthy capabilities in rough seas are excellent – making it an extremely comfortable cruise. And that is not unimportant, because I suffer from seasickness quite quickly (I haven’t had a moment here).

I am assigned the master bedroom and when I walk in I imagine myself in a bridal suite. It is the most luxurious of the four cabins, suitable for two people, with an adjoining shower and toilet. There is also a desk in the hut where you could work for a while (I won’t). There’s a walk-in closet, a TV that pops out of the wall (the James Bond effects on board aren’t off the air anyway) and, as icing on the cake, an electrically opening skylight. Lying on my bed I press the remote control and the sky slowly unfolds before my eyes. Brilliant.

We were very happy with this assignment and full of ecstasy to be able to do our quality lettering on his fantastic yacht.


The yacht consists of three floors, starting with the swimming platform, which can be folded out, creating a special beach club. It’s great to jump into the sea from here, swim and watch the yacht bob. One floor higher is the aft deck: wonderful to sit and enjoy with a book and a glass. Above that is the flybridge with the sunbeds and jacuzzi. You control the lighting system per room with an iPad, with three ‘moods’: full, evening and soft. And yes, that also applies to the light at the jacuzzi. Of course, the view from all three floors is equally beautiful, during the day, later at the setting sun, and also at night it is wonderful.

It’s light, it’s big, it’s spotless, it smells wonderful, and there’s a nice music playing in the background, and oh, how beautiful it all is. Calypso has four spacious cabins that can accommodate ten guests. The yacht exudes luxury, without being showy. It is simply a beautifully finished ship, clearly Built By Mulder, with an eye for detail. Because everything is really finished to perfection. I notice that every door handle is covered with leather and stitched with a nice string.

Father and son Mulder are very proud of it, they confided to me earlier. You can feel that in everything and that is what Mulder Shipyard’s yachts are known for: the luxury, the quality, the top finish. The interior was designed by Vickers Studio from London, who themselves believe that everything is at its best when the lighting is on at night. And what I find very special is that the lines of Mulder’s family boat can be admired on the wall above the wooden table in the dining room – what a powerful effect that has.

Text partly taken from the website of Pure Luxury

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