The HIboost 5 bands GSM signal amplifier

The HI Way-5S for boats & vehicles is designed to enhance any mobile signal.

Experience peace of mind when traveling or on vacation with fewer uninterrupted connections and clear calls when using ports where reporting is done via the GSM network. Maximize convenience by ensuring you can stay connected to your mobile devices.


A marine GSM signal booster with 2G, 3G, 4G

This mobile signal booster for your yacht is the right solution if you experience poor reception. The solution offered is suitable for all telecom providers in Europe!!


More information can be found on the website of GSMVERSTERKERS.NL


How mobile connected to a Cellphone booster works?


A Mobile phone signalbooster amplifies the signal via an outdoor antenna, the HiBoost Gsm amplifier and
indoor antenna to your mobile phone, so that you receive the same signal as outside the ship and over greater distances, because the fixed outdoor antenna has a much stronger signal than your mobile phone!

A smart digital GSM signal amplifier amplifies the signal via an outdoor antenna, the Hi Boost GSM amplifier and one or more indoor antennas to your mobile phone, pin device, alarm system, etc. So that you receive the same signal indoors as outside your home, office or business space.


Divide incoming signal with several indoor antennas

With most booster models it is possible to connect several indoor antennas via a splitter to a single signal booster so that if desired, multiple floors or larger rooms can be provided with their own indoor antenna.

An indoor antenna provides about 12 meters 360 degree signal. A panel antenna provides forward about 16 meters 90 degree signal.

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