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Professional service and efficiency from – from the first advice, to the approval of the design of the name, the design and font of your preference, to the production of the boat letters.
The team consists of creative design specialists and has a lot of experience in maritime ship name lettering, nameplate design and signage.

Boat letters and ship names

It can sometimes be a challenge to make a personal design and choose a certain style. There are a large number of boat lettering styles and different fonts available on the market. These letters can also provide be made from RGB lighting or made in 3D.

Yachtsign design helps you to consider a specific design.

We have a lot of experience with different fonts, boot letter styles, design layouts and a sharp eye for aesthetics. Each choice can be individually adapted to your wishes.



We made us a Fast & Dirty recording! you can see that we thoroughly test every product for function and quality before delivery. Rachel checks all electrical connections, remote and LEDS.


The great thing about customization is that no other ship has the same style or font as yours. For example, if you want to have your own handwriting for the font style, this can be realized. Your wishes are always leading.


If you already have an existing lettering or logo design, please send us the vectorized PDF files and / or EPS files. If none of these are available, we can also accept and produce 300dpi high resolution JPG files.


You can also choose to have a design created for you. After seeing your Yacht and we talked about your wishes, the designer can present his ideas to you with a number of choices and fonts. We will then make a ready-made proposal.


Each yacht is different and unique to itself. To distinguish from other yachts, it is important to have one ship lettering style , logo and signage that reflects the character of you and your hunt and is also your taste.

Get ideas

Websites such as offer one extensive library of fonts you, and we can access, so take the time to go through them and let us know if you have one or two ideas in mind.

Illuminate nameplates, boat lettering, signage or line marking

Yachtsign (s) lighting experts have added a bespoke range of fixtures to the already extensive range of designs for your yacht.

Illuminated boat letters are designed to solve problems often associated with faulty light fixtures, expensive lamp replacement, ongoing maintenance and difficult installation.

The lamps themselves contain electrical components that are completely sealed in lighting fixtures according to IP67 standard that are then used on 12V or 24V DC.

While most popularly used for yacht signage, the dimmable neon-like RGB lights can also be used as unique accents for outdoor lighting, down lighting, accent lighting and emergency lighting onboard yachts. offers custom designed backlit waterproof lettering for yachts using the latest technology to meet any request from you as a client.


From design and manufacturing to assembly, everything is handled by us and certified installers can be dispatched to your desired location for assistance anywhere in the world if required.

Unlike many other illuminated boat lettering or sign designs, Yachtsign (s) electrical connections are 100% waterproof, virtually maintenance-free and come with a five-year warranty as standard.

These fully customized works of art have been customized by the experienced staff to achieve the best results with one of the most visible accessories for your yacht.

Unlimited fonts, block letters and scripts are available and can be combined with hundreds of different surface designs and colors.

Possible surface materials include high-quality polished stainless steel, 3D-painted fronts, gloss acrylic, vinyl and gold films and any special finishes you can think of as a boat owner.

If you have any questions or would like advice, please feel free to contact us.


Professional advice and installation

It goes without saying that we can assist you in discussing all the options and stylishly providing the identity of your yacht with this innovative technology. Wherever your yacht is in the world, we come to you to carry out our mission for you! Even if your boat is docked in a foreign port.




From 1.2mm to 50mm thick, solid gloss polished yachtletters are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also suit the nautical style of most yachts. A superior streak-free mirror finish. Available in brushed, satin or matte finish

Polished letters shiny by Yachtsigns from Patrick de Letter

Unlit yachtsign letters

Of course, illuminated boat lettering is not everyone’s taste or the kind of your vessel just doesn’t lend itself to it. In combination with this we also produce acrylic lettering, identification numbers and stainless steel yachtsigns.

3D letters or logo with lightning

Our illuminated Signings are made of high quality materials, such as acrylic with built-in RGB LEDs and fiber optics . Designed and manufactured to provide the superior quality required for the harsh marine environment.



Stainless steel letters are mirror polished and covered with a hard gold coating to give the appearance of 24 carat solid gold letters. The anti-corrosion properties and shining of the stainless steel are retained under the finish. Available in matte, satin or brushed


Unique in the form of lettering. The solid teak letters can be CNC machined to match most designs and logos. The addition of stainless steel, for example, ensures that the two synonymous materials come together harmoniously and create an organic yet nautical feel.



Acrylic, Plexiglass, Stainless Steel or Aluminum letters can be sprayed or powder coated in any desired color. Levels of matte and glossy finish as desired. color codes and pan shades can be matched with existing onboard colors as part of your yacht.


Mounting options for lettering

mounting methods

When applying lettering to your vessel it is worth keeping in mind that the superstructure will need to be repainted or updated at some point during the life of your yacht.

Yachtsigns by Patrick de Letter has taken this into account and for that reason we have developed two separate mounting methods that we recommend to easily remove the letters at any time, both methods are purely a matter of preference.

If you have any questions or preferences, we would be happy to discuss the options over the phone.

Our ship lettering systems

Whether it is an LED signage or a fiber optic signage, our lettering and lighting systems for yachts are designed and developed to survive in the marine environment. Our yacht LED signage has ‘energy saving’ and ‘ease of installation’ qualities, while our fiber optic system is very safe and does not emit any external electricity or heat.

Our systems are compatible with 12 V DC and 24 V DC, with European and American mains power supplies. All our enlightened ship lettering boards come standard with a thick acrylic protective layer where the relevant light source resides. This acrylic backing can be ‘Flush’, ‘Beveled’ or ‘Inset’. Backings can also be thickened to suit your aesthetic requirements.

External mounting system

Our (Male / female) external mounting system ensures that too outside lettering on the outside of the yacht can be fitted without access to the interior.

Of course, we can supply any mounting method you are familiar with, whether you want to use cable glands, bushings, pins and threaded pins.

If desired, we also have the option of designing the backs so that they are perfectly match the curvature of the superstructureof the yacht.

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